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Throughout the course of two weeks I visited and participated in two different community events locally in Miami. One of my goals for this project was to show what else there is to do here other than going to the mall but still having fun and helping our city while we’re at it. I thought a beach clean up and a farmers market were a great way to start, by doing this I could communicate to the viewers alternative ways to help the environment or local farmers. They both benefit ones own personal aspect, the beach clean up took place at Crandon park located in key biscayne. There a group of ten students and I spent about four hours making the beach safer for not only visitors but also the animal life. While the farmers market was a whole different atmosphere, there organic foods and homemade products are directly sold by farmers to consumers. There were several different venders all selling their own products ranging from soaps to some of the freshest carrots. My overall experience made me realize how many opportunities are near me and how I can help spread the word one photo at a time. 


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